6 Jan


Investing in Income Producing Properties

We have decades of hands on experience and understand the details and idiosyncrasies of each unique property considered. We evaluate and project profitability based on national and local research, data analytics, market conditions, and various financing options to determine the best price and course of action required.

Commercial Real Estate
Investing in Commercial Real estate makes money. There are a multitude of investment options that allow investments in both debt or equity based real estate assets.

Investors in real estate use financing to secure real estate. In investment real estate, an investor borrows the required capital to finance the difference between the amount of the deposit and the purchase price of the property. Investors leveraging the initial capital investment and the financing can subsequently leverage the investor’s returns.

Whatever real estate investment option our clients prefer, the performance of the investment depends on the performance and ability of the income property to produce returns. Whether it is a strip mall, apartment building, office building, retail stores, industrial warehouses, or land lease, the primary ways an investment property can generate desired returns include the following:

  • Cash Flow– from rent and other income sources from the property.
  • Tax Advantages– allows for deductions against taxable income and also provides opportunities to defer taxes.
  • Equity Building– As principal is paid down the owners build equity.
  • Property Value Appreciation– The value of property vetted properties most always increase in value over time.